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Ping-Chin, Wang

5-year experience in travel, e-commerce, and online media industry. Understanding of integrated marketing across digital content to O2O event. Strong project management skills to ensure programs delivered briefly and against deadlines. Experience in fostering cross-functional working relationships across multiple teams. Comfort with a fast-paced, start-up environment.

What I Do
  • Branding
  • Social Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • B2B Advertising Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO

Work Experiences



Job Title

Marketing Supervisor

Work Period

March 2018 – Now

Job Description

• Brand Marketing

In charge of monthly brand theme planing, and offline campaign development. Established 7 successful O2O campaigns, accumulating more than 2,500 member registration.

– Integrate all brand marketing including conceptualizing, pre-planning, execution, and full execution
– Assist O2O event in planning, and organizing
– Manage membership recruitment to engage and enroll new members
– Collaborate with internal stakeholders (design team, live broadcast team, EC team, AD team) in marketing plan execution
– Plan and monitor online to offline owned-paid-earned media strategy to oversee overall product development procedure

Job Description

• E-commerce Marketing

Supervise and execute market strategy of e-commerce product to achieve monthly sales target. Developed more than 50 business promotion such as lifestyle marketing campaign, bundled products, group buying, pop-up sale.

– Create and execute the marketing plan to drive business and traffic, optimizing media spend for productivity and growth
– Develop visual design idea of marketing materials, including but not limited to copywriting, website banner, visual merchandise
– Initiate marketing engagement by cross-communicating with sales team and content curation team
– Plan and monitor online to offline owned-paid-earned media strategy to oversee overall product development procedure

Job Description

• B2B Advertising Marketing

Coordinate advertising campaigns from conceptualizing proposals to participating in execution. Collaborated clients including Testrite, Royal Copenhagen, Knorr, Heinz, Real California Milk, etc..

– Generate and develop new customer accounts to increase revenue
– Innovate and develop best advertising practices for clients
– Support, execute, and oversee the advertising campaigns and programs

• Strategically integrate company’s social media platforms and create communication synergy for the HowLiving brand
– Facebook: increased 2457.41%
– Instagram: increased 304.1%
– EDM: average open rate 15.92 %, average click rate 2.7%
– Facebook group: 48,453 member

Brand Campaign

・Situation: Assigned to attract membership registration of How-Living Club.
・Task: To target the sweet spot of How-Living Club through an event.
・Action: Planned a life-style campaign with 2 sessions, cake baking, and coffee lessons.
・Result: Earned 1,000+ public registrations, and 50+ social mentions.

Pop-Up Store

・Situation: Assigned to managed a Pop-Up Store campaign.
・Task: Make the online customer to attend an Offline event.
・Action: Collaborated with internal stakeholders (design team, live broadcast team, EC team, editor team) in marketing plan & event execution
・Result: Earned 1000+ public attenders, and 200K+ revenue in 2 days.

B2B Advertising

・Situation: Testrite hoped to held a exclusive party for KOLs & its dealers.
・Task: Being the project owner and collaborate with internal team to plan and execute the O2O event.
・Action: Communicated internally and externally to arranged event proposal, schedule, and manpower.
・Result: Earned revenue targets for Testrite.


Job Title

Marketing Manager Assistant

Work Period

September 2014 – July 2017

Job Description

• Managed official Instagram account
– Increased over 14k followers without any budget

• Managed all aspects of brand & affiliate marketing events including conceptualizing, pre-planning, design, and full execution
– Organized and assisted more than 100 online and offline campaigns

• Created and maintained Facebook contents
– Reached 300k+ people in a post within 1 day

Job Description

• Edited blog posts
– One of my articles is the most viewed posting of KKday blog

• Drafted PR releases
– Published over 10 PR releases

– EDM: average open rate 15.92 %, average click rate 2.7%
– Facebook group: 48,453 member

Yearly Brand Event

・Situation: Customer always use KKday to buy sim card, wifi pocket.
・Task: To strengthen and deliver the diversification of KKday's products.
・Action: Planned a travel curator recruiting campaign which packaged all outdoor activities selling on KKday.
・Result: Earned 5,000+ public registrations, 300+ applicants, 10+ earned media exposure.

Affiliated Campaign

・Situation: An affiliate program with Universal Studio Japan.
・Task: Make KKday raise brand awareness through the high traffic of Universal Studio Japan.
・Action: Managed a charitable event for children invited people uploading the smile photos to FB, and sent 16 children to USJ.
・Result: Earned 2000+ public attenders, and 10+ media exposure.

Affiliated Campaign

・Situation: Hong Kong Tourism Board needed an event to promote HK travel.
・Task: Make sure KKday attract membership registration through this promotion.
・Action: Planed an interesting test of HK movies asking the well-known movie lines to make users to recall the memory of HK.
・Result: Earned 200K+ membership registration.

Other Experience


Personal Travel Site

Work Period

December 2017 – Now

Carrer Description

• Curate travel inspirational content for the website

• Build the website with WordPress and plugin

• SEO planning aims for target audience


• Develop content marketing strategies

• Analyze website performance via online tools







熱門 首爾賞櫻景點 大解密!也...

Site Development

Work Period

November 2017 – Now

Carrer Description

• Working with tools like WordPress, and Wix to create compelling website for clients

• Develop a robust design framework that enables easy superficial theming

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